I tried to leave this city. I really tried. I had dreams of living the BIG life in either New York or San Francisco. Every inch of me wanted to get the hell away from home.  Well, NYU was too smart and expensive for me. The weather in San Francisco is gloom and doom; I stood up my newbie college orientation at San Francisco State because I knew my spoiled body would despise the weather.  I also love surfing. That alone weighed in a lot on my decision.

Thankfully, I decided to remain in San Diego, a place I have called home since the day I entered the delivery room at Mercy Hospital.  As much as I wanted to escape the wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, and authentic Mexican Food, I just didn’t have the heart to trade all of that in.

I love this city. I am proud to be a Native to a home that the annual 32 million visitors long to live in.  Yes, our baseball and football team are below par. We lack a basketball team, hockey team, and any awesome professional sports team. However, we overcome our weaknesses with Craft Beer,  REAL MEXICAN FOOD, pro surfers & skaters, avocados, green flash sunsets, Pacific Ocean, vibrant music scene, and an endless list of factors that make our lives so wonderful here.

This blog is about everything that makes this city so awesome and classy. Enjoy!

Please Note:  Most suggestions made in this blog are based on personal knowledge and experiences.  I do not get paid from any businesses or organizations that are in my write-ups. Furthermore, the photographs and pictures in my blog are mine. I am the creator of the original work. I reserve the rights to them. If you wish to reproduce the image(s), please ask for permission. Other photographs that are works of others (whether I have purchased them or not) receive full credit. Thank you! ©


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