Keeping it Local: Gallery at Lands End

Gallery at Lands End has stayed true to “keeping it local” since 1973. Yes, that is 42 years of being business. It is a rare breed of gift shops that has withstood over four decades of big-box takeovers. However, founder Vicki Ford shared that the business definitely had its low-points through out the years, but they just showed up to work every day.  IMG_4023

I’ll admit: I avoided stepping into the cozy cottage store for 4 years. I feared I would love everything it offered, especially since all gifts are locally crafted. The ladies of the store definitely made a valiant effort in luring me with the nicely drawn hearts and arrows during Valentine’s season this year. I almost caved. However, after seeing wonderful paintings displayed on small easels carefully scattered on the front lawn a few days ago, I finally conceded. I’m glad I did.

The shop offers gifts that are unique and thoughtful from ceramic sponge holders to blown glass; both are Vicki and co-worker Elisa’s favorites.DSC_1056 I enjoyed smelling the coconut lime non-toxic candles. For Vicki, she also loves the cards. Of course, the store has more than just ceramics and candles. You’ll just have to stop in and discover for yourself.

Besides locally made gifts, Gallery at Lands End also provides custom framing services. Even better, it also has art shows through out the year featuring burgeoning to more well established artists. Keep an eye out for the all women’s art show set for May 2015 before Mothers’ Day.

For the founders and owners of Gallery at Lands End, the belief in supporting local artists, merchants, and offering quality products to customers are the factors that have kept them alive for over forty years. “You don’t go into this business to make money “, says Vicki. This is the reason we should support them.


If you’re visiting and need a gift and/or souvenir, visit the gift shop for a genuine piece of San Diego instead of a shirt that just says “San Diego”, but it’s made in China.

If you’re local, especially if you’re in Pacific Beach and La Jolla, this is a great opportunity to support our people!

Gallery at Lands End is located at 4984 Cass Street, San Diego, CA 92109

Corner of Cass and Loring Street in North Pacific Beach.


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