10 Reasons I Love San Diego

1. Fresh Air – I’m lucky enough to live near the ocean that I can enjoy salty air every day. For those living east of I-5, the air is so crisp, woodsy, and clean in the morning.

2. Mexican Food – It is normal and appropriate to go to “sketchy” neighborhoods to get the best Mexican food. If that fails, you’re neighborhood taqueria will do just fine.

3. Simple Freeway System – The 4 Major Freeways that will get you anywhere you need to go in San Diego are I-8, I-5, I-15, & I-805. It’s that simple! I just get confused in Los Angeles.

4. The Coast 

5. The Parks – San Diego has so many parks. My top 3 favorites are:

  1. Kate Sessions
  2. Presidio Park
  3. Balboa Park

6. Convoy Street – Los Angeles most likely takes the cake for having the most access to delicious Asian cuisine, but we can go to Convoy Street and fulfill our craving for Chinese Food, Korean BBQ, Ramen, Yakudori, Thai, Pho, Dim Sum, Tofu Pots, and more.

7. Cleanliness – San Diego is overall very clean. Don’t get me wrong, Garnet Avenue and the Gaslamp District (Downtown San Diego) smell like urine and vomit after the weekend, but compared to other major cities, we’re neat and tidy.

8. The Bays and Harbors 

9. The Great Outdoors – we have access to the beaches, desserts, and mountains. We can snowboard, surf, and skateboard all in one day.

10. Torrey Pines State Reserve


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