A Letter to San Francisco

Dear San Francisco:

I chose to visit you because I needed a little bit of the big-city in my life for some inspiration. More importantly, I wanted to spend time with one of my girl friends in the East Bay. After hanging out with you for a day and a half, I learned that I love San Diego more than I love you. IMG_3876


Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate how accepting you are of every type of person in the world from techies to homeless. One thing I am concerned about are the 50-year old men riding razors to work. I know San Diego would most likely bar them from the scene, but you allow them without an ounce of judgement. The BART is one of the best forms of transportation I have ever used. San Diego needs to adopt this system! IMG_3855

The Mission District defines eclectic. It does a beautiful job of embracing hipsters, artists, the wealthy,the poor,hippies and druggies. I love the murals scattered through out the walls of homes and commercial buildings. IMG_3889The “isms” discreetly graffitied on sidewalks and nooks are a nice touch. High-end boutiques and 5-star bakeries give “El Mision” a dose of gentrification. The remodeled row-homes with gold trim are very reminiscent of the early days. Way to keep it authentic! I was pleased to devour a delicious sandwich from Bi-Rite Market even though I gave the other half to a homeless man who decided to join me for lunch in front of Mission High School. IMG_3903The homemade honey-lavendar ice cream from its sister Bi-Rite Creamery is one of the most fantastic flavors I have ever tasted.IMG_3899

IMG_3901 If only I had room to enjoy the braised pulled pork sandwich and roasted banana ice cream. I am glad to have met this neighborhood.

No need to worry. I haven’t forgotten The Embarcadero. One of the most memorable scenes is coming across a view of the rising sun unveiling the morning fog from the magnificent East Bay Bridge. This made my sleepless night at the hostel and my morning coffee-walk worthwhile. IMG_3880

IMG_3878 The Marketplace is such a treat. I am unaware of any farmers markets in California that have a booth specifically for mushrooms. Maybe San Diego will have this one day.

San Francisco, with everything you do have, I am still a San Diego beach girl. I’ll admit, I felt like a fish out of water. My mini-vacation reminded me how much I love my native city. However, I will visit you, again. The next time, I’ll be prepared with extra cash to enjoy delicious food and a comfortable hotel as well as my board and wetsuit in case there are waves. The most important lesson I learned from this trip is: no more hostels.

Bon Voyage,


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