Hello, Again!

These past few months have been filled with work that today is the first time I am able to sit and write. I apologize for my absence to those who are following me. I also apologize to those who look to this blog for some insider information, however, I am sure you found plenty of fabulous things to do in San Diego.

Wow, what a summer! Besides serving wonderful food, wine, and beer to people during this high season, I’ve also had the chance to join the fun.

I celebrated my 29th birthday with a sushi dinner that my boyfriend personally catered. What a treat to be able to enjoy dinner with a fabulous view at Kate Sessions Park with 3 of my favorite people in the world!

Sushi Dinner at Kate Sessions Park

Sushi Dinner at Kate Sessions Park

As a local, I took advantage of Residents’ Free Tuesdays at Balboa Park and viewed the Surf Craft Exhibition at the Mingei Museum. Seeing the boards transform from the beginning of 20th the century to present day gave me a new appreciation for surfing as well as the art and science of creating a board. The creators are genius. 

I also ventured out to the tip of Point Loma on a jet ski and experienced one of nature’s best moments. The adrenaline rush going at what felt like 100 mph in the bay to the open ocean was a thrill. Laughing was the only way to express my fear, excitement, and nervousness. I felt alive! The mini getaway reminded me of how lucky I am to have the ocean as a part of my life.

The Point

The Point

I look forward to Fall’s calmness, and I hope to have some time to share with you what I love about my home. Thank you for reading! 

Stay Classy,




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