San Diego Food Tours

Food tours have been on the rise in San Diego in the last two years, offering guests a chance to enjoy food and a glimpse of what this city has to offer.

Companies like Bite San Diego and Dishcrawl charge a minimum of $45.00 per person for a tour that bundles a combination of restaurants, bars, and/or cafes (not necessarily the exact formula) in wonderful neighborhoods such as Hillcrest, Gaslamp District, and La Jolla.

They’re promoting a fun concept.  It’s great for guests who enjoy socializing in large groups while they’re on vacation.  It’s also an awesome opportunity to explore off-the-beaten path neighborhoods.

I prefer leaving an almost invisible footprint while travelling. I would much rather be in a small group and create a tour myself, or hire a local to recommend places worth visiting.

With readily available online resources and a few pointers from locals, you can put together a fabulous food crawl that surpasses the quality of places offered on some of the tours.

The following is a La Jolla food crawl I put together for my brother’s birthday for a group of 4 (including myself):

  1. Karl Strauss: I chose this place because it’s the first micro-brew established in San Diego. We ordered a flight of beers to sample and Piri Piri wings.
  2. Girard Gourmet: This beloved cafe has been in La Jolla for over two decades. They offer everything from delicious beef stews, quiches, to pastries. I bought a round of 4 almond squares for us to enjoy since everyone seems to love them.
  3. PrepKitchen La Jolla: This bistro style restaurant offers Mediterranean influenced farm-to-table comfort food.  We had Patatas Bravas, Fried Brussel Sprouts, and Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Apple Cider Molasses Glaze & Pickled Seasonal Vegetables.
  4. Nine-Ten at The Grande Colonial: We ended the tour here on a sweet note with their chocolate tasting plate. Everyone was full after the 3 previous stops, so it was a light way to finish the crawl. I chose Nine-Ten because The Grande is the oldest Hotel in La Jolla that celebrated its 100th birthday in 2013.

In 2.5 hours we were able to stroll around, enjoy the scenery and a little history. More importantly, we tried a variety of delicious food and drinks without committing to just one or two restaurants.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend time during your San Diego vacation, a food tour is a way to do it.  You can book it with a tour company or “do it yourself” with a little help.

I’m also available to create a customized DIY food tour or personally take you on a food crawl around La Jolla if you decide to explore this neighborhood.  Check back soon, and look for my blog posts on “Do it Yourself Food Tours”.

Feel free to contact me if you would like any pointers on things to do and places to dine.



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