Hidden Treasure: Kate Sessions Park

Downtown San Diego & Mission Bay

Downtown San Diego & Mission Bay

I discovered Kate Sessions park while I was in High School.  My friend lived a few streets away. Being teenagers that needed constant entertainment, we embarked on ice blocking adventures. It’s a thrilling inexpensive activity that requires ice blocks for makeshift sleds and grassy hills. After scoping the park, we decided that it was the best place for because of the gentle slopes.

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Ice blocking Kate Sessions was a blast, but those days are over.  Now, I appreciate the park for its panoramic views of Downtown, the Bay, and the Pacific Ocean.   I appreciate the acres of open space that provide a calming feeling from all the chaos happening just down the street.  It’s a magical location to watch the Full Moon rise above the mountains into the sky. It’s a park that is surprisingly empty even when the parking lot is full.  The only exception is 4th of July when people from around the County visit to watch fireworks explode across the skyline.

Moon Rise

Moon Rise

Kate Sessions Park is one of the most precious treasures in San Diego and probably has one of the most valuable views.   The place captures my breath every time



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